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Website Design

A great web presence needs a web team that is present.

Hands on Support

Accessibility is at the core of our service.

Service Plans

Our customers count on our dedication to giving their business and web efforts time and attention.

Powerful marketing platforms built on the internet’s most popular software and networks.

  • Home I've worked with Pixelbrush Studios to build two separate websites. For both experiences the guys at Pixelbrush were outstanding. They listened to what I wanted, made suggestions when needed, and understood my comfort level for building and maintaining a website. Best of all, they were just nice to work with. Kathleen Schott Espinoza
  • Pixelbrush Studios is an integral part of the success of our online business. Our clean designed and user-friendly website is top notch and even won local awards. Their support and expertise are also top notch. We love Pixelbrush! Stephanie Mire
  • The crew at Pixelbrush is truly remarkable. They're attention to detail, customer service, and speedy work ethic has made them an incredible group to work with. Our marketing team at Acadiana Center for the Arts is so thankful for all the work they dedicate to ensure our website encompasses our brand and vision. Truly great work. Jessica Clark

We don’t just give you an hour. We give you an entire day. Insight into your business helps us effectively design, implement, and create websites that work for your business.

Open Tech

We believe in open source collaboration with other developers. This allows us to bring unique and special website design to your business. We share all of our information with you and we do not hide anything from you.

Transparent Pricing

All of our prices are available online. We don’t hide our prices or process. We want to provide you with as much information as possible to be able to effectively work alongside with you.

Beauty and Brains

An attractive design can lead to a lower bounce rate and increased conversions. Don’t know what that is? That’s okay, it’s just our brains going to work everyday.