Top 10 Brands to Enter the Shark Tank

Top 10 Brands to Enter the Shark Tank

As a fan of TV and my enthusiasm for branding design, one of the shows that I have grown more and more intrigued by is ABC’s Shark Tank. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes the brand design they have at the moment of their pitch is not as great as the product or service. Not only on this show but throughout the world you may notice many companies have similar problems. If only company’s, new or old, spent a little more of their budget on branding they may have never needed to swim with the sharks in the first place.

On the flip side there have been many brands that did invest a little more into the marketing side of their product or service. Below I compiled my top 10 best brands to dip their toes in the tank.


1. Wild Squirrel Nut Butter  (Very playful and sophisticated. Use of colors, Style and the hint of charm really cause this product to stand out from other nut butters on the market.)

2. HyConn: Super-Fast Fire Hydrant Connector. A product that can really save a life. With fire fighters time is always the most important. With this product you quickly and clearly see time and safety are the key factors in making this product stand out.

3. Würkin Stiffs. A modern brand that takes and puts new life in to the business attire. This brand pokes fun, makes jokes, and gets you intrigued by what they have to offer. They even include a play on words using the creators last name.

4. Liquid Money. Smelling like a million bucks may not always be easy but with the way they positioned this fragrance you may feel differently. From the logo’s familiar font choice, to the packaging (the product is surrounded by real shredded money), everything about this product screams “Money” which is why this clever brand works.

5. RUCKPACK : Combat Nutrition. The unique quality of this brand came, not only from the product, but the fact that they took their own life experiences (being Marines) and infused it into their brand.

6. Lollacup: This brand does a great job at taking their inventive new product and giving it a clean, youthful and sophisticated look. They walked a fine line making the product appeal to kids and adults.

7. Freaker: Unlike some of the other brands discussed, this one plays more to a style and a feel rather than the actual product they make. The beauty is that it doesn’t matter.  What I believe works so well about this brand is they take a product and make it into a fashion statement for drinks. They play up the feeling of being “cool” and “hip”. In return you feel like you are buying into a lifestyle more so than a product.

8. Talbott Teas: Talbott Teas plays into a sophistication that you may see in a skin care line or other high end product. The great thing is when you place this next to many other tea products out their this one becomes even more eye catching.

9. Pork Barrel BBQ: I really enjoy the fun cartoon and award winning feel they place into the brand. It is like you are at a county fair about to enjoy some good old fashion BBQ. They keep the product friendly and inviting to the consumer.

10. The Bear & The Rat: Cool treats for dogs. This brand seems like the equivalent of Ben & Jerry’s for the dog world. It really plays up the love of the owners own pets to connect to its customers.


Now that I’ve shared my opinion on some of the best brands from Shark Tank, leave a comment and share your thoughts and opinions. Even drop in a few products you may have saw on the show which you believe should have made the list.

BUT WAIT, Theres more!

Here are a few examples of brands that appeared on Shark Tank that you may have overlooked because of branding choices. With a slight facelift these companies could appeal to a much larger audience.

- Chord Buddy

- FuzziBunz

- Lift Hamper

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